Lest We Forget: In Life, Misfortunes Turns Out To Be Greatest Treasures

Lest We Forget: In Life, Misfortunes Turns Out To Be Greatest Treasures
Lest We Forget: In Life, Misfortunes Turns Out To Be Greatest Treasures

Good were the days when one would walk miles just to visit a relative, uninvited. Today, even with the mobile phones, a year can pass by without getting in touch with relatives, let alone booking a visiting “appointment”. Family relations mattered a great deal then, and one would even know the grandchild of their great great grandfathere’s cousin. Today’s generation hardly knows any of their first cousins, and it a lonely one with no sense of belonging. The children that belonged to the community ended up being great and disciplined, unlike the untouchable and “empowered” generation that’s giving birth to unruly characters…lest we forget.

Change is the only constant thing, and inevitable as it is, lest we forget the old that worked so well and brought us so much joy. Contentment with little was the order of the day, but now nothing seems to be enough. We have much yet so little. Connected to the whole world yet so alone. Surrounded by too much information with very little knowledge, the more we interact with humanity the less human we become, and one cannot but reminisce the good old days.

It is interesting how in life, the things we view as misfortunes turn out to be our greatest treasures. While it seemed a total embarrassment to grow up without shoes, the medics recommend that walking barefoot for some hours a day is not a punishment but healthy. Growing up in the village without bread and sugar appeared like suffering, but it the fresh farm foods that are recommended as good for health and now we realize that we don’t even need the sugar after all. So, the “poor” lifestyle turns out to be the ideal healthy one. Interesting. As we detest the life we never want to go back to again, lest we forget that it is what kept us alive, and maybe, was the best for us.

Walking or cycling longer distances, eating vegetables daily with little or no meat  felt like the peak of poverty; but now we are advised to drive less and walk, cycle more, we are asked to cut down on meats and do more veges and the list is endless. Those who grew up without Tvs and fast foods looked up to days when they would afford them, only for them to be the contributory factors to diseases. The comfort we so much desire ends up being the foundation of most of our troubles, if not well managed.

Should we rejoice in suffering or lack? Not at all, but lest we forget the good that comes with it. Like the adage goes, every cloud has its silver lining, and our challenges are no exception. Our focus shouldn’t be in our sufferings, but the lessons we can get, not in the pain we had to endure but the priceless gain we got in return. We learn the most in our trials, and the strength of Gold is tested in the fire, lest we forget.

We can still embrace the past with its priceless lessons, even as we stay current. Impossible is Nothing!

By Liz Ekakoro Bore:Diaspora Messenger contributor

Lest We Forget: In Life, Misfortunes Turns Out To Be Greatest Treasures

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