US trains Kenyan cops on sexual violence

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 22 – The United States Department of Justice’s  International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) has  trained Kenyan law enforcement officers both from the Kenya Police and the  Administration Police in Nyamira on how to properly investigate and prosecute  crimes of sexual violence.

Thirty-nine area officers, both male  and female, were trained on the provisions in Sexual Offences Act, forms of  gender-based violence, crime scene processing and evidence collection and  preservation and drafting charge sheets.

The training took place at the  Borabu Country Inn in Nyamira town from June 15 through 17.

The US  Department of Justice worked in conjunction with Beatrice Nduta, the director of  Community Policing, Gender Issues and Child Protection at police headquarters,  to organise this training at the provincial level.

“Often police  officers who have left the academy and are stationed at the provincial level do  not get additional training on specialised subjects like sexual and gender-based  violence,” explained Ms Nduta.

ICITAP plans to continue hosting  these trainings in conjunction with Kenyan law enforcement at various provincial  centers across the country.

Nyamira was chosen as the first site of  these provincial trainings because of its relatively high incidence of sexual  violence.

ICITAP has written an entire curriculum on gender-based and  sexual violence investigations and has offered multiple courses based on this  material for Kenyan law enforcement.

Police trainers for ICITAP have  taught at both the Kenya Police College in Kiganjo and the Administration Police  Training College in Embakasi.

ICITAP has made a great effort to include  both agencies in all of its trainings in anticipation of the creation of the  National Police Service mandated by the new constitution.

The Nyamira  training was fully funded by ICITAP’s Women’s Justice and Empowerment  Initiative.


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