A Kenyan needs help to serve in the British army


Dear one,

My name is Andrew Machina keying in this from my Land Kenya Nairobi center.I thank God i found this site and a helpful administrator.

Am a young man aged 27 Years God fearing very feisty, risk taker, smart, an entrepreneur, whole, Joyful, energetic, lovely, Handsome, trustworthy & exciting.

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Over the years i had an interest to serve in Forces and , early this year i applied to Join British Army, my application was considered and was selected and invited for recruitment.

But my need comes in here, for me to acquire a VISA for UK i must have a Host/Hostess in UK for three -six months while going for the final interviews.

The British Embassy back here in Kenya need the following from the host in order to issue me the VISA

* Host Letter confirming you will host the said person

* Utility Bill i.e Water or Power- copy

* Mortgage or Lease agreement- Copy

* Letter from the employer or bank slip- Copy

Kindly if you are in a position to help either directly or indirectly i will appreciate, and indeed God will bless you.

For more info. and queries for the same kindly feel free to contact me on:

[email protected]


+254 723 926 100

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his
friends. John 15:13

  1. ken says

    Well, i just wonder if you have been watching the news from middle east, young man. If thats what you want to do, am not supporting you, atleast ingekuwa shule, ninge-consider. At 27 you should be having your priorities right. grow up!

  2. stanleymugo says

    ilike it

  3. stanleymugo says

    ilike it iam in kenya wish to join british army work for all my live in it iam educated man and ican work in any enviroment also with little or non supervision.

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