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Jane Gichane is a gifted author and teacher. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English/Education and a Master’s Degree in Spe­cial Edu­ca­tion from South­ern Illi­nois Uni­ver­sity Edwardsville.
She cur­rently resides in St Louis, Mis­souri (USA) where she is an active mem­ber of Christ Covenant Church under the lead­er­ship of Pas­tor Paul Macharia. Jane got engaged on the day she launched her book and she has one daughter.
Like many Sin­gle Chris­tians,  Jane strug­gled with the ques­tions as to why she was still sin­gle. So in 2007, she started jot­ting down her thoughts in a jour­nal. Within a few months she had writ­ten enough notes and she thought that would make for a good sermon.
In July of 2009, Jane attended a ladies retreat and she was sud­denly asked to be a mod­er­a­tor of a group of at least thirty sin­gle ladies. She rushed quickly to her room and decided to share with them what she had been writ­ing in her jour­nal. That ser­mon encour­aged so many of them, and Jane real­ized that the chal­lenges oth­ers were going through were sim­i­lar to her chal­lenges.   The pos­i­tive feed­back Jane received encour­aged her to con­tinue and develop her thoughts into a book.
As I began writing, I gave my scripts to sev­eral peo­ple who encour­aged me to con­tinue writ­ing.  Through the lessons learnt from this book, I have been able to receive my own mir­a­cle and in 2010 the Lord brought some­one in my life.  I thank God for mak­ing the prin­ci­ples high­lighted in this book a real­ity in my own life. My prayer is that this book will unlock the closed doors in your life.”
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