List of Kenyan single celebrities still looking for future partners


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List of Kenyan single celebrities still looking for future partners

List of Kenyan single celebrities still looking for future partnersBeing in a relationship with someone who has most if not all the qualities you desire in a partner is a blessing that not everyone is privileged to have. Here is a list of single celebrities on the lookout for a partner and the qualities they are looking for.

Ringtone Apoko

After taking to the streets hoping to find a wife, gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has now turned to God to bless him with a girlfriend. In a prayer posted on his Instagram page, the singer asked God to give him a beautiful girlfriend with long nails among other preferences.

“I’ve come here to pray for God to give me a beautiful girlfriend with long nails, long hair, big eyes, small mouth, someone who doesn’t eat too much, someone who hates money and is prayerful,” he wrote.

Jimmy Gait

The Muhadhara crooner recently revealed that he was single and wished to settle down in marriage soon.

Speaking during an interview, Jimmy pointed out that his future partner must be born again and intelligent. “I am still single. I was in a relationship but we broke up. I really want to get married by the way. The more you tell people what you are looking for they will start putting on those qualities like clothes. When you get serious with them they remove them so I prefer just feeling it.

When you get what you want, you’ll know. I know the kind of woman I am looking for. I really admire an intelligent woman, I don’t like jumpy women. I like quiet classy sophisticated women. Of course, she has to be born again, it’s important for me,” he said.

Betty Bayo 

Victor Kanyari’s ex-wife Betty Bayo has openly admitted to being naïve over her decision to marry the pastor terming it as her biggest mistake. Since their marriage has since been nullified, Betty is free to choose the man she wants to settle with. Here are the qualities she listed;

1. Divorcee/single father (bird of the same feathers).

2. High self-esteem I don’t want someone who hasn’t overcome their past yet. I already overcame mine, no crybabies.

3. Not mama’s boy, no.

4. Be a tither in his church, no heavenly thief.

5. Know English, we can’t both talk broken English, my fans must see the difference.

6. Love my kids.

7. Vaccinated to cyberbullying kama hana, I will give him a dose; huku tuna survive by fire by force.

8. No shouting or violence, I love peace.

9. Not too serious, I don’t want a boring life.

10 (Bank) statement and original ID.


According to the former Papa Shirandula actress, her preference for men has drastically changed from when she was younger to now that she has a child. “As you grow older, the things you look for or hope for in a man shift because back then what would attract me in a man is not what attracts me anymore. A lot of people will say Jacky that guy is hot, that guy is loaded, but for me, it’s not that which I’m looking for,” said Wilbroda in a previous interview.

Since she is a single mother, the social media sensation hopes to settle down with someone who will mentor her son into being a strong independent man. “There’s that X factor. I want to be able to sit with this guy and have intelligent conversations, I want someone who will build me. Also, because I’m a mother, I want someone who will mentor my son and those are the things you look at especially when you are a mother,” she added.

Lucy Natasha

City preacher Reverend Lucy Natasha has always wanted to get married and settle down. For Natasha however, the man she chooses to be with must genuinely be after God’s heart above everything else. “Actually, I really desire to get married and get the right man. I am looking for a prayer partner, not a prayer point. You know when you get a prayer point you would always be praying for God to do something or change him.

“There is that aspect of somebody that is born again, somebody that fears God, honours God, loves God but besides that when it comes to you know, compatibility has to be there, there has to be that attraction, chemistry has to be there, common goals, values,” said Natasha.


List of Kenyan single celebrities still looking for future partners

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