Just how will Kenyan Single Ladies in the Diaspora find Love?

Young romantic couple looking at each other sitting on beach
Young romantic couple looking at each other sitting on beach

Kenyan single ladies in diaspora are a broken hearted lot. They mourn the lack of love in foreign lands and say that despite being on the land of good fortunes, they have not been lucky in love. Their suspected reasons for their misfortunes are varied.

Fewer men

The diaspora (the US mostly), presents a culture shock for many Kenyan women. While they have more money and freedom, they are still a bit conservative in matters to do with love and romance. Many find it hard to adapt to the love-on-the-go arrangement that is prevalent in many American cities, which is where many live.

They can’t seem to connect to white and African-American men who have a wider choice in women, and are used to fast love. While Kenyan single ladies would find it hard to use dating sites and apps, these are the forums where much love is found nowadays.  Learning to make the best use of these would guarantee higher success rates than they are currently complaining about.

Kenyan men

The Kenyan women in diaspora also complain that the type of Kenyan men in the diaspora do not meet their expectations. The ladies complain that their Kenyan counterparts carry their bad habits to the diaspora. They wear ‘Mwalimu jinni shoes’ and would rather spend the weekend over bottles of beer and Nyama Choma. The few good ones have imported their wives or have married American women for a change in tastes.

The ladies could look at Kenyan men in diaspora with an unbiased eye and find love in these men they look over. They should remember old habits die hard and better the devil you know than the angel you don’t. With Kenyan single men, they could use the tactics they used back home with moderate success. After all they say men are a predictable species.

More relaxed

Kenyan ladies in their 40’s  should realize that the tactics that worked in the old country, where most of them left with societal expectations and morals well instilled, will not work very well. The ladies need to adapt to the relaxed hookup culture of the US.

Dating sites are very good places to meet fellow Kenyan single men, both in the US and back home. They should consider importing good men they meet on dating sites. If there is a good man they could come for a holiday, size him up and if he fits the bill, take him to the USA.



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