2012 Prophecy for Kenya delivered on 812012 at Faith Evangelistic Ministries


2012 Prophecy for Kenya delivered on 812012 at Faith Evangelistic Ministries

2012 Prophecy for Kenya delivered on 812012 at Faith Evangelistic Ministries2012 WILL BE A YEAR OF ESTABLISHMENT OF GOVERNANCE

N.B.  This prophecy may not be word for word. In case you need to hear every detail, you may purchase a CD/DVD from Faith Evangelistic Ministries (FEM) under EV. T. WAIRIMU, SNR.PST of FEM. The prophecy is meant for Kenyans.

In case you are affiliated to a congregation/fellowship/prayer group etc, please mobilize them to pray for the nation of Kenya since the church which is the body of Jesus Christ has authority over the government. National misfortunes can be changed through prayers.


1. No stone will be left unturned in the year 2012

2. Economy will be shaken and the standard of living will continue to go high and poor people will be affected and the gap between them and the rich will persist

3. There will be some changes and they will not be comfortable for the country of Kenya

4. As a believer, avoid unnecessary borrowing because banks will entice people to borrow but when the economy shoots up, interest will also escalate

5. The cost of living will be so high. Therefore, avoid living beyond your means.

6. Kenya has chosen to become a secular nation. We Kenyans have been pushing God out of our nation so that we become a society without God because of accommodating different faiths to make them comfortable and if we continue with the trend, then we will adapt new doctrines

7. The Lord also gave a warning as pertains the changing educational system which may be problematic. It is therefore, imperative for Christians to pray for the same.

8. The war which is in Somalia will take us too far than we needed to go. We only needed to get Alshabab out of Kenya because their leaders are already in Kenya. This calls for relentless prayers.

9. Alshababs are still intending to bring the buildings down thus it is also vital to pray for God’s divine intervention.

10. Pray for schools because they will be target for evil.

11. Parents should watch over their teenage children because they will be recruited into awful vicious groups whereby some of them are religious based.

12. Parents should make a point of praying and laying hands on their children before sending them to school

13. There will be death of three (3) leaders in Kenya.

14. If Kenyan leaders would be listening to prophecies/prophets of God some of the mistakes/problems in this country would not have been experienced

15. Most of the political leaders will do more harm than before because they will be dividing this nation in terms of tribes

16. Strive will continue and confusion will be the order of the day. Selfishness and greed will continue. There will be false merging of parties in pursuit of power. collectively appoint one person not because of love but out of fear of war

17. The church of Kenya “wake up and prepare to vote”!. The church will be given the last opportunity. You will live with what you choose for ten (10) years. Unity will be the key thing because it will stop every nonsense since God commands a blessing where there is unity. Politicians must love Kenya more than themselves.

18. Tribalism in churches will be witnessed but if the church gives God a chance there will be purging

19. There will be hunger for God and of the Holy Spirit. God will protect His people from the wolves and many who have given up the faith and are discouraged, God will draw them to Himself. The weak shall be strengthened and people will be restored. In these days, you will call upon the Lord and He will answer. He will carry you through and hide you in times of danger. You will be warned of the things ahead.

20. God is giving us a chance to build our nation. When Israel was given a chance to choose a leader, they rejected God’s own. Likewise, the next president of Kenya will entirely depend on your own choice. What you ask for as a church is what you will get.

21. “Preachers” the way you want to build the church, you will see the fruits and whatever is not build in the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ will fall.

22. In 2012, God has given Kenyans to build their country, marriages etc. In 2012 God will leave you to be/do what you want.

23. As a church, your foundation should be right. Teach your children the things of God and pray for your teenagers.

24. If there is something missing in your life as a Christian, stop complaining and getting annoyed God is about to bring your miracle. Whatever you are doing, you must build it under the foundation of Jesus Christ otherwise what is not build under Him will definitely fall.

25. In 2012, partner with God as a church because whatever is built under Him cannot fall.

26. What Kenya is refusing is the Chief Corner Stone i.e. Jesus Christ. Therefore, Kenya should pray God for restoration. The church should partner with God for it to stand and pray against the political madness.

27. The church should also rebuild the altar of repentance. We must die to our will because many people in the church want to have things their own way.

2012 Prophecy for Kenya delivered on 812012 at Faith Evangelistic Ministries


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