Apostolic Church Bishop Digs Own Grave, Throws Himself A Funeral Party

A BISHOP with the Antioch Apostolic Church in Zion from St Josephs area in Kezi has dug his own grave in the yard so that he can be buried when he dies, the B Metro reported.

The 53-year-old Moses Qathe Moyo dug the: grave 10 years ago and thereafter threw a party which he dubbed “my funeral.”

“The party was inspired by the Lord’s Supper. Before Jesus died, he ate with his disciples and celebrated with them his life,” he said.

Apparently Moyo hired a catering team from Bulawayo to cook for his guests who had attended his ‘funeral’.

At the “funeral wake”, Moyo demonstrated to the people how he envisages sleeping in his six metres deep grave.

“People from the neighbourhood were shocked. They had never seen it or learnt of it anywhere in the world that someone digs his own grave while still alive.

“When they saw me digging the grave, many thought it was through my instinct that I had done that and speculated that 1 was not going to last more than six months,” he said.

Ten years have passed by and Moyo is still alive and checking on his resting place every day. But how does he feel looking at his grave everyday?

“I don’t feel anything. Life is just as usual to me maybe it’s because I know when I am going to die. My family got scared and trembled when I dug the grave but they are now used to it.”

In his own words, about digging his own grave, Moyo said: “I have built a nice homestead but it belongs to my family. It is not mine alone. I needed to design my own grave the way I want and so that even in death, I will rest in peace knowing that I am lying at a place of my choice.” Moyo added that he is anticipating a very big gathering at his funeral because people will descend on his funeral just to see how he is going to be laid.

He said God is guarding his grave against the evil that can be perpetuated by man.


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