Esther Arunga’s Husband Flees the UAE Over Security Concerns


The Timberlakes are back with even more stories about their endangered with even more political allegations.

After fleeing Kenya for his life, former Presidential aspirant Quincy Timberlake, has left a GCC country to unknown destination. Confirmed reports indicate that the young politician left the country with intentions of not coming back for his usual business operations. Timberlake boarded an Asian flight at a GCC Airport.

“Timberlake was seen at a GCC airport with heavy luggage an indication that he may not be back anytime soon,” an Emirates airlines hostess told us. Timberlake is a GCC business investor but until then business can not go on as usual and therefore he has decided to bow out for his security reasons as the region proves to be uninhabitable any longer. Kenyans have been dying lately in the UAE in unexplained circumstances.

According to one of his close aides who talked to us on condition of anonymity, the eloquent politician was headed to a secret location in one Oceania pacific after being threatened by Prime Minister’s close allies. He’s seen as a traitor and one from PM’s own backyard who rose up to challenge the incumbent politically. Luos are now holding him responsible for causing the political downfall of the Prime Minister and have placed a bounty on his head whether the PM wins elections or not.

“What is absolute is that he must die whether we win elections or not, he must be brought down or else he remains a big future political stumble block,” a PM’s die hard based in Dubai told us.
Detectives from Kenya police and NSIS raided Timberlake’s very last hideouts while still in Kenya on Saturday night looking for post election evidence which he’s suspected of storing, but to their disappointment he fled the GCC with the documents and was on his flight to unknown destination.

It’s known that the controversial politician revealed to the Kenyan press that he has been threatened by Prime Minister’s close henchmen for unmasking the dark side of Raila Odinga. He has severally claimed that his life was in danger, hinting that the threats came from Odinga’s allies and his wife’s family. The PM is always known to institute criminal libel proceedings against his political opponents with intentions of locking them up forever and Timberlake has already tasted that side of his venom.

“We shall pursue him from Fiji, Manus up to Nauru because those are the islands known to be currently collecting data of refugee applicants and he may be seeking asylum too and we’re aware of that. We’re still capable of using all means available to wipe him off even it means to desperately act as one of those refugees but to poison his food or inject him with mercury then flee away,” a Kenyan fanatic of the PM based in Dubai told us.

Leaflets with death threats against Timberlake are lately seen almost everywhere in some places in the GCC warning him to either quit the area and save his life or face the same blade that “shaves” others and go unnoticed.

“We torched his houses, cars and businesses. It seems it did not dawn in his inner pains yet. We compromised the media to tarnish his name and has become the most hated Kenyan up there with politicians. Our final mission is on course, to take his life away and shut him up for life,” Ayugi Orunda confirmed to us via phone.

Kenyan media holds a belief that Timberlake has enough evidence to indict Raila Odinga and his ODM clique of war crimes at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for his role in the 2007/08 post-elections violence that claimed lives of 1,333 people and over half a million displaced. Therefore the corrupt media chief editors are up in arms to ensure that their “cash fueler” the PM is well protected and instead Timberlake’s name remain tarnished further in his absentia.”

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