Miguna Miguna to Visit United States: His message, “ Kenyan Diaspora Should have representation”


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In a small village in Kiambu County, a Kiosk has a big sign, which reads, “Come Baby Come”. This is reflective of how the young people in Kenya view Miguna Miguna. Every body in Kenya wants to meet Miguna Miguna. Some want to have tea with him in appreciation of his courage; others would like to have him for “lunch”.

Either way, Miguna Miguna remains the most controversial celebrity in Kenya with the Kikuyu Community nick naming him “Njuguna Njuguna”. 

I sat down with him in Kijabe a few days before his visit to Canada where his family is residing. 

TNK : What is your beef with Raila Ondinga and ODM

Miguna: I have no ill feelings against the Prime Minister or his Party. I believe in Freedom of expression. For a very long time, Kenyans have been oppressed and their views and feelings suppressed by the same government that they elected

TNK: what is your view on the Diaspora?

Miguna: I believe that the Diaspora should have a Senate seat. That they should have representation. This country owes the Diaspora representation given the amount of money they remit to help the economy. That is why I am planning to be in The United States in December.

TNK: What is the purpose of your trip?

Miguna: I believe the Diaspora approaches freedom of expression, freedom of the press and other freedoms with more integrity than we in Kenya. I am going for a book-signing trip and also to have an intelligent dialogue with the Diaspora. I want to challenge them to demand representation in the coming government. I believe they can contribute positively politically as they do financially.

From what I have gathered,Miguna will be visiting the Boston area and then head to Missiouri.His USA visit coordinator is Isaac Newton Kinity.Those willing to host Miguna Miguna can contact Kinity at ink38@yahoo.com or phone number -203 675 9354

Teddy Njoroge Kamau,  PhD, SYR Radio/TV, Director, International Desk



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