Saitoti/Ojode’s chopper crashed report is out

Thursday, the 28th of February 2013  – The probe team into the chopper crash that killed Former Internal Security Minister George Saitoti, his deputy Orwa Ojodhe and four others has today released its verdict into the crash saying it was caused by ‘loss of aircraft control due to poor visibility.’

This verdict puts to bed dark speculations that the chopper crash was the result of some scheme to eliminate two of Kenya’s top security men.
The probe team was led by Appeal Court Judge Kaplan Rawal who was recently nominated to by the JSC to be Kenyan’s next Deputy Chief Justice.
The probe team was particularly unimpressed with how the post mortem on Saitoti’s body was carried out describing it as ‘poor’ job.
Justice Rawal has said that she hopes that the report will serve to ‘transform and strengthen Kenya’s Civil Aviation Authority.’
More updates to follow.
Source:The Kenyan DAILY POST

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