Family of Kenyan man who collapsed and died in Oklahoma needs help


Jackson Ndagu (39 yrs) died on March 13th 2013, after he collapsed in a grocery store in Oklahoma City. He was
shopping with his two children , 5 yr old daughter and 1 year old son. Paramedics were called and responded, took
him to the heart hospital where he was declared dead after his heart failed.
Jackson’s wife, Elizabeth Otido, was not with them when the tragedy happened. But their 5 year old daughter knew
her mother’s phone number which she gave to ALDI’s store manager who immediately called Elizabeth to go pick
up the children from the store. It was an untimely death and the young mother and now a widow (28yrs) is expected
to continue with her life without her husband.
Jackson is originally from Kenya, Africa. The late Jackson and his wife came to Oklahoma to further their studies.
Elizabeth is a student at Oklahoma City Community College, scheduled to graduate in May.
Meanwhile, there is an urgent huge financial burden on Elizabeth as Jackson’s body has to be shipped to Kenya for
the funeral so that the rest of the family members can be able to participate. Some of the anticipated costs involve
the funeral home expenses, shipping the body to Kenya and the air fares for Elizabeth and her children , estimated as
The family and friends of Ndagu’s family are asking well wishers to help Elizabeth with these expenses.
A fundraiser has been set up to be held on March 23rd, 2013, at 4:30pm. To be held at the Lords
Community Church located on 11400 N Portland Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73120
For Questions, call:
Sharon Benigar: 4055897716
Rewel Kariuki: 4052195385
Patrick Nganga: 4053615391
Eunice Menja: 4054088868
If you would like to support this family, an account
has been set up for that purpose.
Bank of America Account Information:
Account #: 305004831310
Routing #: 026009593
Account Name: Jackson Ndagu Funeral
Address: 5700 N. Portland OKC, OK. 73112

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