As days go by since the conclusion of the historic Kenyan elections on March 4th, it is without doubt that the delay in releasing the results (even while within the legally stipulated timeframe) is bound to cause anxiety amongst the Wananchi and the business flaternity.

It is indeed commendable to see the Kenyan people patiently and peacefully waiting for the IEBC to carry out their mandate despite the uncertainty that the wait may create – and this to the chagrin of many an international media that came to Kenya expecting to capture some award winning gory images.

While calling upon my fellow citizens to continue holding the peace, it is my humble wish that the leading presidential candidates Uhuru and Raila could come out in public together and project to their supporters, the country and the world that we are all in this together and that this is that time when the nation is greater than any individual.

This, but a humble appeal.

By Kenya360TV

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