Video:Goods stolen from Raila’s business found in church

NAIROBI, KENYA:  Police have recovered most of the gas cylinders that were stolen from Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s firm, East Africa Spectre Limited, in a Nairobi Industrial Area theft a week ago.

The gas cylinders were found in a church in Kinani area Lukenya, where they have been lying since Thursday night. Enos George Shihemi, a caretaker of the Penteconstal church, said they had been left there by four men who promised retrieve them on Friday.

“Four men drove in here in two lorries and said they wanted to keep the cylinders here and pick them up the next day because it had rained heavily rendering roads impassable,” Shihemi recalled.

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However, the men did not show up to collect the cylinders.  On Sunday, the pastor Harison Mwaria arrived at the Athi River Church and Shihemi informed him of the incident.  Pastor Mwaria then informed the head of flying squad, Munga Nyale.

Speaking to The Standard, Munga Nyale confirmed the incident adding that they are holding the man as a suspect.

On March 31, a gang had raided the PM’s business and vandalised property before carting away hundreds of empty gas cylinders.

The assailants stole more than 600 empty LPG gas cylinders valued at Sh3 million and vandalized two vehicles that were parked there.

The firm lost 266 gas cylinders (13kgs) and 413 gas cylinders (6kgs) and two security guards who were on duty are missing.

The firm manufactures and revalidates empty gas cylinders for various oil companies and the ones that were stolen had been ordered by Total petroleum. The gang had initially loaded empties with Oilibya labels but realized they did not have valves.

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