3rd Annual Inter Fellowship Christian Women Retreat in Niagara Falls


3rd Annual Inter Fellowship Christian Women Retreat in Niagara Falls

Invitation to KCFA Washington DC chapter fellowship on May 22nd 2016Please Plan to attend our 3rd  Annual Inter Fellowship Christian Women Retreat on August  2nd  to  4th,  2013 in Niagara Falls. This is a time to be Renewed, Revived and Refreshed by the Lord.


We honor God when we RETREAT.  Time belongs to Him Money belongs to Him. Space, time, mind and all that is in us and within us  belongs to Him.  If we truly believe He holds the time, we would leave all we have to do and  SEEK HIM.  We would release a portion of our money and time  to go SEEK HIM.  He gives us able bodies to make wealth.  My prayer is that we can find time without thinking it is too much sacrifice when we SEEK GOD the one  who has give us ALL.


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Our theme  this year is. SEEK THE LORD – ISIAH 55:6


Last year we meditated and soaked on theme  LIVING A LIFE OF MEANING AND PURPOSE based on 1 Cor 12  and it was a true exploration of God’s word. We are expecting and looking forward to God’s Down pour this year.

The Venue for this Year’s Retreat will be At :

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre
7021 Stanley Avenue
L2G 7B7

The center is by the Falls. We will visit the source of the Niagara Falls to see and be awed by God’s majestic creation.


The Cost per person is $210  which includes Accommodation, and meals. Refreshments, tea coffee and snacks will be available on a 24 hour basis.


Please register early to avoid last minute rush. A $50 deposit is required to guarantee the booking. Kindly  email your confirmations for logistics purposes to Sue Michuki at   [email protected]

The commuters fees are $67 to cover for meals for the three days alternatively, they could choose the meals they would like to have and pay per meal

 Breakfast   $12.00

Lunch        $18.00

 Dinner        $25.00


Our key note Speaker is Pastor Ruth Maina from California mostly known as the Mutambo Senior Pastor.


This woman of God will bless you.


3rd Annual Inter Fellowship Christian Women Retreat in Niagara Falls


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