Amazing:Rich married women renting secret pads to meet young lovers

The saying that ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’ seems to be getting a new meaning as some of the city’s rich married women are renting love dens to meet their Romeos.

In the wake of Tony Ogunda’s demise, The Nairobian has uncovered the shocking revelations of women who are now secretly keeping fully furnished plush apartments for escapades away from public scrutiny. The apartments known as ‘Spinster pads’ or ‘bachelorette pads’ are quickly replacing high-end lodgings where the fear of getting caught is high. Such apartments have for years been associated with married men.

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We can now reveal that scores of wealthy marriedwomen in the city have taken ‘mpango wa Kando’ to a new level.

A well-known banker with a multinational seems to have been on a roll with a clande. The married mother of four has apparently rented a plush two-room apartment in Mlolongo to quench her loin thirst. Apparently, her ‘Spinster pad’ is a stone’s throw away from her marital home in Kitengela.

A source revealed that the married banker visits the apartment at least once a week with her toy boy.

“She is not the type of woman to be seen booking hotel rooms, so she rented the top floor of this apartments and brings her men here,” said out source.

Another woman, who works for a parastatal and runs a charity, also has a bachelorette pad in South B. The pad is situated behind Capital Centre on Mombasa Road. The woman coughs Sh32,000 for the single bedroomed apartment per month.

A man who has been to the apartment says it is tastefully furnished and very homely.

“We met through a mutual friend at a cocktail party, and I could see right away that she wanted me. She kept on pressing herself next to meet and after the cocktail, we exchanged contacts and she called me the next day,” says the source.

The steamy relationship kicked off and they agreed to meet for lunch at an establishment on Mombasa Road.

“When I got to the shopping mall, she told me to come to the apartment right behind the mall, saying she had prepared lunch,” said the toy boy.

The man was directed to the third floor and when he knocked on the door, the woman let him in and immediately was all over him.

“There was no home-made lunch. She had just bought some chicken and fries, which wet ate after our ‘business’. We both had a shower and she told me she had to get back to work. We only spent an hour in the house,” says our source.

The woman’s partner said that he left the house first, and then the woman soon followed after five minutes interval. She had apparently parked at the shopping mall, a disguise for anybody following her.

“The woman does not park at the apartment, but leaves her car at the shopping mall. Anybody who sees the car would not know where she is,” he says, adding that the woman told him her husband has been cheating so she was just paying back.

Our source further confesses: “We have been back to the house four more times and she revealed to me that she keeps the apartment purely for her extra-maritalaffairs. She broke up with me after I failed to payback some money I had borrowed from her when I had an emergency. She no longer picks my calls.”

The security guard at the apartment block revealed that the woman comes once or twice a week, usually at lunchtime. The guard declined to talk further about the subject and asked The Nairobian sleuth to leave.

Another woman, a top public relations manager at an agency, has also rented a ‘spinster pad’ along Gitanga Road. The married woman who is being trailed by a private eye is said to host partner in her den.

“She usually drives in alone around midmorning, and asks me to show a gentleman who will drive in a few minutes later, the directions to her pad,” says a security guard.

The guard revealed that the woman usually brings different men to the house. “She rented the apartment mid last year. She comes here at least twice and different men drive in after her and go to the apartment. But this year she has reduced the frequency. She comes in mostly on Saturday mornings. I think she is getting tired or too busy. I miss her because she tips well,” reveals the chatty watchman. The guard doesn’t know that the woman is a respected manager in the corporate circles.

As the new trend continues to spread like fire in the dry season, the HIV infection is on the rise among the married couples.

Recently the National Aids and STDs Control Programme (Nascop), revealed that new HIV infection rates doubled among the married couples. The matrimonial bed seems no longer laid with roses as almost half of new HIV infections today are occurring among married or steady partners compared to 14 per cent among prostitutes and 15 per cent among homo sexuals and prisoners.

The revelations indicated that while the rate of new HIV infections had declined by 40 per cent in the last five years, infections among steady partners is today the greatest concern and currently stands at 44.1 per cent.

A recent survey by the group Population Action International says marriages are being messed by both men and women having other sexual partners outside their relationship, otherwise called ‘Mpango Wa Kando’. In the survey, 11 per cent of married men reported having an extramarital partner in the past year, as opposed to just over two per cent of women.

In addition, various past surveys have indicated that the main cause of divorce is infidelity on the man’s part. But the women now seem to be hitting back. Other causes are lack of communication, long periods of separation, financial problems, infertility or impotence and lack of sex.

The new trend among wealthy seems yet again to be throwing a fresh challenge at the institution o fmarriage.


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