Police ‘Withholding’ Mutula Kilonzo’s Death Report


The report on Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo’s death is ready, but is being withheld at the CID headquarters, the Nation has learnt.

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Some of the pathologists involved in the post morterm on Sunday said they had finalised their work and submitted their report to the Criminal Investigations Department and could not understand why it had not been released.

Government Pathologist Johannssen Oduol said he was equally waiting for the report before it could be made public.

“The findings are with the police…I am equally waiting for it. As a matter of procedure, they have to give it to me first before I can release it,” Dr Oduol said.

Another doctor conversant with the issue said initial investigations from 100 samples from various parts of body tested at the Government Chemist in Nairobi had shown no signs of poisoning.

However, he said more tests were conducted after discovery of traces of two drugs in the blood. The two drugs, sildenafil citrate and ephedrine hydrochloride are used for asthma and high blood pressure treatment.

He said these developments resulted in hair samples being taken for tests to rule out poisoning with agents like polonium-210 which was used in the alleged killing of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Russian defector Alexander Litvinenko.

The seven pathologists performing the autopsy reportedly found he “had serious internal bleeding” characteristic with a poisoning before he died.

A doctor said the internal bleeding and a finding that all his internal organs were intact had baffled them.

According to the doctor, the first finding during post mortem was in the chest cavity where both lungs were found to have been “floating in blood.”

The source said pathologists then wanted to know whether the arteries or the heart had been raptured to establish any other source of the bleeding but found none “as all organs were intact.”-nation.co.ke

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