US Citizens Owning Land in Kenya Must Submit Documentation by August 6, 2013


U.S. Embassy Nairobi

Foreigners Owning Land in Kenya Must Submit Documentation by August 6, 2013

July 16, 2013

This message is to alert U.S. Citizens residing in Kenya of important changes to the Kenyan Constitution regarding land ownership. According to article 65 of the Constitution adopted August 27, 2010, persons who are not Kenyan citizens may hold land on the basis of leasehold tenure only, and any such lease, however granted, shall not exceed 99 years.

The U.S. Embassy has recently learned that persons affected by these changes must present copies of their land documents to the National Land Commission by August 6, 2013. For more information about this process, please contact the National Land Commission directly at National Land Commission, Ardhi House, 12th Floor, P.O. Box 44417-00100, tel. 2718050, ext. 4030.

This message is for information purposes only. The U.S. Embassy cannot act as an agent, attorney, or in a fiduciary capacity in this matter. U.S. citizens who own property abroad and who thereby have assumed responsibilities concurrent with ownership of property in a foreign country should take steps on their own initiative to safeguard their interests and to employ private legal counsel when the need arises.

American Citizen Services Unit may be reached during normal working hours at tel. +254-(0)20-363-6451, and via email at [email protected] .  For after-hours emergencies, please call +254-(0)20-363-6170. The number for the U.S. Embassy switchboard is +254-(0)20-363-6000. All U.S. citizens in Kenya are urged to register online at the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).  Registering gives U.S. citizens access to updated information on travel and security within Kenya and makes it easier for the Embassy to contact citizens in case of emergency.

Providing assistance to U.S. citizens is our top priority!Nairobi US Embassy

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