Three KDF soldiers face prosecution over Westgate mall looting


NAIROBI, KENYA: Three KDF soldiers have been sacked and are facing charges over looting the Westgate Mall busineses in a rescue mission in the September terror attack.

Millitary Chief Julius Karangi said three soldiers were found with cameras and mobile phones from the mall and have been arrested, sacked and face prosecution.

“Probe is ongoing for soldiers found with mobile phones and cameras,” he said

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Giving an account of what happened during the the terror attack from the begening, Karangi denied claims of millitary looting from the mall.

Karangi however denied claims  of shootout between  Kenya Defence Forces and the General Service Unit during rescue mission at the Westgate Mall terror attack.

At a press briefing in Nairobi, Karangi said there is no evidence to prove the allegations.


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