Video:Popular American Comedian & TV Host Slams Kenyans For ‘Not Being Able To Speak English’

It’s 2013 but unfortunately Jimmy Kimmel is among the people who think Kenya (and Africa by and large) is a primitive country. This emerged last week when the America comedian, actor, voice artist, writer, television producer, singer, rapper and TV host blatanly said that a lot of people in Kenya “don’t speak any English”.

Kimmel was speaking on his show, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ when he hosted legendary country music icon, Kenny Rodgers. Kimmel gathers from his wife, who has been to Kenya on several occasions as a volunteer, that a good number of Kenyans do not speak the queen’s mother tongue.

This irked Kenyans online who commented on the YouTube video castigating the celebrated TV host;

Peter G. Njoroge: Dear Jimmy Kimmel, we Kenyans do speak English… the Queens English I might add. Shame you’ve never accompanied your wife to our beautiful motherland to ascertain this fact.

brenda sian: wth!!Jimmy get your facts straight!Maybe 5% of the people in Kenya DON’T speak English,i don’t know how you picture Kenya or Africa at large but boy are you wrong.I know that we Kenyans speak perfect English than you guys in the States!!Give us a break..ok?

Helen Ndirangu: Dont lie Jimmy…..anyone who has been to school in kenya actually speaks English…..and true,we love Kenny

Qemikal100: we speak perfect English!!!! and we love Kenny

Jackleen Mutinda: Jimmy we actually speak English…..have your facts right….

Hemstone Mito: Yeah Jimmy, stop lying we actually know english….. I bet I can speak english better than you.

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