Embu County Witchdoctors to start paying tax


Witchdoctors and herbalists operating in Embu County will now start paying taxes if a proposed finance bill is adopted.

This is intended to boost revenue collection for the county.

The witchdoctors are classified as traditional health services providers the same as herbalists, and will be required to declare their operations and physical addresses.

The will be required to pay an annual fee of Sh5,000.

“They are all over the county. They are in Dallas and Kiritiri, they should not operate while hiding. They should pay,” said Embu County Assembly Budget Committee chairman Joseph Nyaga Mwaniki.

The bill also proposes to charge traditional brew sellers Sh10,000 per year.

These include those selling such traditional alcoholic drinks asmuratina and mashore.


Mr Nyaga, however, said the proposal on the sale of traditional beer was subject to approval by the National Authority for Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Nacada).

Owners of agro-vet shops will face an astronomical rise in the cost of annual permit fee from the current Sh6,000 to Sh40,000.

Miraa dealers will now pay Sh25 per bundle, while those carrying the same on a pick-up truck below three tonnes will pay Sh1,000 in Embu town.

Those using more than three ton vehicles will be charged Sh1,500 per load.

Timber yard operators will pay Sh100,000 per year as a single business permit fee to operate in Embu town.


The bill also proposes a manure cess with a lorry of over seven tonnes to pay a fee of Sh1,800 per trip while an ox-cart operator will part with Sh120.

While the bill has steered clear of controversial charges relating to burial proposed in other counties, it has introduced a Sh250fee for burial of destitute people.

Jua Kali artisans will be required to pay a fee of Sh5,000 annually per person to be allowed to offer repairs and other services.

Movement of livestock will now be charged at Sh100 for per cow and donkey, and Sh50 per goat, sheep and camel.

Even basic hygiene products have been targeted where feet pumice scrapping stones will attract Sh15 tax.

Hawkers selling samosas or mandazi have not been spared either as they will have to pay Sh15 per bucket of the delicacies.

Paraphernalia suspected to be intended for use in witchcraft. Witchdoctors in Embu County will start paying a Sh5,000 tax annually if a proposal in the county's finance bill is passed. County Assembly Budget Committee chairman John Nyaga said there were many witchdoctors operating in the county and they should pay taxes for the services they offer. They are classified as traditional health services providers. PHOTO|FILE

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