KCFA Men’s Conference with Apostle Darius and Prophetess Mwaka


KCFA Men’s Conference with Apostle Darius and Prophetess Mwaka
KCFA Men's Conference with Apostle Darius and Prophetess MwakaFor the last 11 years, KCFA men have come together every February for a time to recharge and inspire one another. This year, they come from as far as Denver Colorado, Birmingham Alabama and Jacksonville Florida. Other states represented were North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The men’s conference has been a time of change and transformation that every time they came back home, they are different and look at their wives and children in a different way.

The year’s conference theme was ‘A man of excellence’ and the speakers were Apostle Darius and Prophetess Mwaka Twagirayesu. It was the first time that the men had a woman speaker but it worked very well because she got to tell them what women want and like from a woman’s perspective. She reminded the men that:

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-A soft answer to your wife turns away wrath.

-What men take for granted, others notices

-Give honor to your wife, validate her and always acknowledge what she is saying.

-Greatest thing you can be to your wife is being her best friend-talking and planning together

-Humility is not being weak.

Apostle Darius reminded the men that their greatest enemy is offence and that offence comes to you daily but how you react determines your destiny. He said that offence will Kill you and hinder your progress. That Most times, we are scared of each other and we end up isolating ourselves for fear of being offended.

For a healthy marriage, he urged the men not to allow anything to offend them, to know how to handle offence and learn to forgive their wives’ and children because Christian life is a life of forgiveness. He told them that when the enemy the devil gets hold of your weakness, he gets hold of your destiny.

KCFA Men’s conference is very unique because it is the only time that men come together for prayer and fellowship and the organizing committee encourages more men to attend next time.


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KCFA Men’s Conference with Apostle Darius and Prophetess Mwaka



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