Security Swoops do not target Somalis – MP


HE National Assembly majority leader Adan Duale was at the weekend asked to desist from politicising the ongoing crackdown on illegal immigrants in the country.

The MPs Sammy Koech (Konoin) and Johanna Ngeno (Emurua Dikiir) said the crackdown the government had mounted to weed out aliens is not targeting Somalis or any religious group but all foreigners that are in the country illegally.

They said terrorism attacks, not only in Kenya but also in other countries should be a concern of all the leaders and the citizens.

They said if members from one’s community are found to be in the country illegally, their arrest should not be viewed as targeting a certain group.

“Criminals should not be tagged as representing a community in any heinous act they are involved in but each should take responsibility for his or her acts of lawlessness,” Koech said.

The duo were speaking at Kenyagoro village in Konoin subcounty of Bomet on Saturday during the burial of 102-year-old Elizabeth Kotut, the mother of Bomet county ODM chair Ronald Ngeny.

Koech said Duale’s remarks should not taken lightly adding that Jubilee as a coalition should immediately convene a meeting to discuss his conduct.

“His statement (Duale) can be termed as careless and of an irresponsible leader. He is one of the Jubilee leaders but he is now taking things on his hands forgetting that the security of all Kenyans is at stake. It seems he does not mind about the interests of Kenyans at large but only ‘his people’. He should be investigated and his conduct discussed as a party (URP) and Jubilee coalition,” Konoin MP said.

He added: “The government has a mandate to ensure there is security in the country by use of all mechanisms and so people should not insinuate that it is out to undermine some few individuals in the country.”

Ngeno said the government should remain firm on tackling security issues adding that the rising insecurity in the country was as a result of corruption at the immigration department.


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