Too many impeachments,CIC calls for review of laws


nyachae-picThe Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) is proposing a review of laws that guide the impeachment of governors saying the process needs to be fair and objective to avoid malice.

Speaking during a tour of West Pokot County, CIC Chairman Charles Nyachae noted that the County Government Act sets out the grounds of impeachment but is not clear on the manner in which it should be done. This, he said, needs to be re-looked.

Mr Nyachae supported the proposal by the National Assembly to have the Act amended to have the inclusion of public participation in the impeachment process.

The CIC Chairman also cited poor civic education by the national government as a major challenge in the implementation of the Constitution saying that their tours across the counties have established that the process has a long way to go.

He took issue with current supremacy battles pitting governors, senators and MPs saying this is not healthy since the Constitution clearly spells out the role of each elected official.

West Pokot County Governor Simon Kachipin said those waging war against governors have taken advantage of the civic information gap to feed the public with wrong information.

CIC Commissioner Kamotho Waiganjo said perceptions that county governments are the real problem behind the country’s current economic setbacks are unhealthy diversionary tactics that serve to defeat the real goal of devolution

CIC Chairman Charles Nyachae addressing Members of the West Pokot County Assembly during his visit to the county. He called for a review of laws on impeachment of governors saying the process needs to be fair and objective to avoid malice. PHOTO/COURTESY CIC

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