Referendum will increase ethnic division, says Dalmas Otieno


Migori-pixRongo MP Dalmas Otieno has promised a political revolution in Nyanza.

He said he would continue to speak for “the silent majority” no matter the circumstances.

“We want a leadership that offers practical solutions to our problems and not rhetoric,” he said at Kanyawanga High School in his constituency during a prize–giving day.
“I’m seeing a serious political revolution beginning in Rongo soon.”

The MP criticised his party, ODM for calling for a referendum, arguing that it was premature to amend the Constitution.
“This is an important exercise that should not be rushed.”

Ethnic division

He warned that a referendum would increase ethnic division as “the result is likely to be 50:50 just like last General Election.”

He said broad consultations among leaders were necessary before the issues are taken to the ballot, to ensure a clear victory.
“A constitutional amendment requires an overwhelming majority in a bid to secure our peace and stability as a nation.”

He also rejected the calls for dissolution of the electoral commission, saying that instead, his party should demand an audit of the result transmission system.
He further accused certain leaders of practising politics of deceit.

“Tribalism has been caused by politics of consumption because parties are used as vehicles to the eating table,” he said.

“We must change our style of politics and nurture human capital.”

He dismissed unnamed young leaders whom he said were questioning his loyalty to ODM.

They are political novices who were nowhere when we assembled the Orange team.”

Cord leader Raila Odinga (right) consults with Senator David Musila (left) and Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno during a Cord forum at Eco-Lodge in Kisumu on January 18, 2014. Orange House has sought records of meetings that resolved to remove Otieno from ODM. FILE PHOTO/JACOB OWITI

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