Kidero Appoints Nyambane For A Top City Job


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nyamb-660x400Walter Mung’are aka Nyamabane is one of Kenya’s best comedians of all time, sometime even referred to as ‘the father of Kenyan comedy’.
After his exit from the industry, Nyambane joined the media industry where he held a top job with Kenya Broadcasting Company (KBC) before his resignation.
The lad has yet again fallen on good side of fate after Nairobi Governor, Dr. Evans Kidero appointed him for a prestigious job in Nairobi City Council
Speaking to the Standard, Nyambane confirmed the appointment saying ,“yes, I am working for Kidero’s county and I am no longer in Kisii. I am back in the city and I am honoured to have been accorded such a platform to serve the people of Nairobi. The appointment came earlier in the year but I have been outside the country and that explains why only few people noticed.”
This comes in the wake of allegations that the comedian is battling declining financial fortune, with auctioneers pursuing his property.

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