Mutahi Ngunyi: Ababu Namwamba should DEFECT from ODM to avoid Mudavadi syndrome

TNA political analyst he of ”Tyranny of numbers” fame, Mutahi Ngunyi is the latest to be enjoined in the mini battle to help Ababu Namwamba split Raila’s ODM party.

Ababu who is following the footsteps of Musalia Mudavadi has set conditions for Raila and ODM to meet for him to support the referendum campaign. Ababu is demanding that Raila appoint him ODM secretary General or call for party elections otherwise he will not support the referendum.

Speaking on K24, Ngunyi described Namwamba as the rising star in Luhyaland and Kenya as a whole who will eventually deliver the people of Mulembe to Canaan…

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Ngungi goes a head to to liken Ababu to DP William Ruto who ignored retired president Daniel Arap Moi and went on to be his own man thus the second most powerful person in Kenya at the moment.

Ngunyi says that DP William Ruto knew his time was up to get out of the shadow of Moi saying Ababu too must do the same otherwise his overstay under Raila Odinga will cost him just like Musalia Mudavadi.

Nyunyi continues to say that Namwamba has all it takes to silence Raila Odinga in Western since he has proved capable of uniting Luhyas to speak in one voice something that has never happened since time immemorial

now this is the big joke that Ngunyi rubbished Senator Moses Wetangula’s political clout in Luhyaland saying unlike Ababu Namwamba who is a self made politician Senator Wetangula is a test tube baby who has no roots on the ground and as such he can never be the de-facto Luhya leader and neither can he salvage Raila Odinga in Western now that Luhyas have begun to open their eyes.

“In all these, Namwamba will emerge as the Luhya kingpin. And for Wetangula, he just doesn’t have what it takes as he is a test tube politician created by Daniel Moi and recycled by Raila Odinga. He is just a nobody in Western,” said Ngunyi.

Mr.Ngunyi went on to say that Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale is a better leader than Wetangula since he too is carving his own path politically and said Senator Khalwale and Ababu are the future leadership of mulembe people capable of uniting them and bring respect to the community since they have been a laughing stock politically for far too long.

Mulembe people is the only community from the big five who who don’t reason alike hence diminishing their bargaining power…… so now he wants to make Khalwale feel good just because he knows the lies that got Mudavadi to madimoni central…

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