Cord Rebel MPs, Sonko Rally Against the Vote

Cord rebel legislators, led by Kilifi North MP Gideon Mung’aro, on Sunday accompanied Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko to an anti-referendum rally in Kwale county as Raila Odinga and his team campaigned in Kilifi.

The leaders attended a funds drive at Waa Primary School where they told the Council of Governors vice chair Salim Mvurya that counties can be given more funds through a parliamentary legislation.

They accused Raila of misleading Kenyans on the referendum issue, saying it is meant to help him remain politically relevant.

Mung’aro was accompanied by Kilifi women’s representative Aisha Jumwa, her Kwale counterpart Zainab Chidzuga and MPs Khatib Mwashetani (LungaLunga) and Gonzi Rai (Kinango).

Mung’aro said Parliament can increase county funding as requested by governors once the Paublic Accounts Committee tables the audit report.

“Once the report is tabled, it will take us only five minutes to meet all the governors’ demands instead of wasting time in a referendum,” he said.

Jumwa said governors should be ready to account for funds allocated to them before demanding more.

Sonko urged Mvurya to convince his colleagues to follow his footsteps in honouring Senate summonses to answer queries.

“Parliament is ready to sort your issues and we will support it very well, but accountability is not negotiable,” he said.

Sonko said the Okoa Kenya referendum push is meant to ensure one person gets to power through the back door, and not to save Kenyans.

Mvurya said governors are ready to drop their Pesa Mashinani call if Parliament stops discussing the issue in public meetings and pass a legislation in Parliament as required.

“Governors are not MPs and senators to make laws. That’s why we want the referendum, but if there is a chance to gives us the 45 per cent through a legislation, we have no problem,” he said.

-The Star

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