Diplomats alleged mistreatment cases in the US

THE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has appointed a team to look into three cases in which diplomats are accused of mistreating their employees in the US.

A source at the Ministry, who asked not to be named, said the cases have given Kenya a bad image. He said a committee will look into the cases and advise on the way forward. The move comes after two Senators questioned the ministry’s silence in the cases involving domestic workers and three diplomats.

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Senators Beatrice Elachi and Zipporah Kittony questioned why the ministry was not defending its employees amid claims of glaring inconsistencies in the cases advanced by the three domestic workers.

The three diplomats, Stella Kerubo Orina,  Angela Kasaine and Waithira Njuguna are battling separate court cases with charges ranging from human-trafficking and enslavement, breach of contract, fraud and unjust enrichment among others.

The senators want the ministry to come up with a clear policy to guide such matters. They say other countries defend their employees abroad and it is unfair for Kenya to sit back and watch as its diplomats face accusations, which might be fabricated.

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