Video: Omo Pick A Box In Tribute To Regina Mutoko

Video: Omo Pick A Box In Tribute To Regina Mutoko
Video: Omo Pick A Box In Tribute To Regina Mutoko

Here is an Omo Pick A Box Past program in tribute to Regina Mutoko.Our deep condolence to the family and may soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

Reality TV shows have become increasingly popular in Kenya in recent years, with many viewers tuning in to watch their favourite celebrities navigate their personal and professional lives.

While some shows have been criticised for promoting negative values, others have been praised for their ability to connect with audiences and give them an inside look into the lives of Kenya’s elite.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of Kenya’s most popular reality TV shows and how they have evolved over time.

Omo pick a box

“Omo Pick a Box” is regarded as one of the earliest reality TV shows in Kenya. Hosted by Regina Re, the show entertained audiences for many years with its simple premise:

Contestants were given a chance to win various prizes by choosing either money or a box which contained prizes. They had to choose wisely to ensure that they win something valuable.

However, some boxes contained “booby prizes” which means that the contestant would not receive a prize at all. The show was a massive hit, and it paved the way for other reality TV shows.

Nairobi Diaries
Created by Janet Mwaluda, ‘Nairobi Diaries’ was the first reality show in Kenya to follow the personal lives of a group of socialites in Nairobi.

The show aired on K24 and followed the personal lives of the cast members as they navigated their way through relationships, business deals, and social events.

Nairobi Diaries ran for ten seasons and rose the star dorm of many celebrities in Kenya, including Noti Flow, Colonel Mustapha, Vera Sidika, Prezzo, Pendo, Mishi Dorah, and Bridget Achieng.

Bahati Reality

‘Bahati Reality’ was the first reality TV show in Kenya to follow the life of a Kenyan artist.

The show, which was entitled Bahati before rebranding to ‘Bahati Reality’ was first aired on NTV in 2018 and followed the life of gospel artist Kevin Bahati and his family, including wife Diana Marua and their children.

The show gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their personal and professional lives, including their daily activities, struggles, and achievements. Bahati was the first Kenyan artist to ever launch a reality TV show.

Wife Material

‘Wife Material’ was a reality TV show that was launched in Kenya in 2021. The show featured comedian Eric Omondi, who was in pursuit of a wife.

It attracted a lot of attention and controversy, with many people criticizing it for promoting negative values. The show aired for two seasons, with the second season receiving a lot of backlash from Kenyans due to its sensitive content.

Some of its cast members were Sherlyne Anyango, DJ Coco, Manzi wa Kibera, Shakilla, Gigy Mani, Suzan Faustine, Berther, Kyler Jeycman, Diana Birungi, Raphaela, Sibella Nsiimire, and Sumaiya.

Dine With the Muraya’s

‘Dine with the Muraya’s’ premiered on NTV and covers everything in the marriage life of Samuel Muraya and Linet Munyali, popularly known as Dj Mo and Size 8.

The show follows their journey through motherhood with their two children, Ladasha Belle and Muraya Jnr, and all the challenges that come with parenthood.

Sol Family
‘Sol Family’ premiered on Maisha Magic Plus in August 2020. The 13-part series gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the people and work that goes into the hit-making machine that is Sol Generation.



Omo-Pick-A-Box (OPAB) TV Game Show


Video: Omo Pick A Box In Tribute To Regina Mutoko

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