I will run for the presidency in 2017, says Dalmas Otieno

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Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno has declared his intension to vie for the Presidency in 2017.

Otieno has called on Luo leaders and residents of Nyanza in general to support him for the battle come the next general elections.

The veteran Luo politician who has openly gone against Odinga’s political wishes said he will soon launch a party that he will use to propel him to the highest office in the country.

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The former cabinet minister in the Mwai Kibaki/Odinga led coalition government regretted the culture of violence some political leaders in Luo Nyanza were inculcating into the youth at the expense of the region’s development.

Otieno made the remarks yesterday in North Sakwa location, Awendo Constituency in Migori County during the burial of his uncle Mzee Maricus Obunge.

The legislator refuted claims that he was fighting Odinga as ODM’s party leader saying all leaders should be given time to vie for higher posts.

“Am not out to destroy any other person’s party but we expect our people of Luo Nyanza to give all the leaders time to express their views and political ambitions,” he said.

Otieno further warned his fellow leaders to let the people judge their development records on their own and not to force unpopular leaders into leadership of the area.

The former minister, who is regarded as being among the growing list of ODM rebels, said he was coming with a political wave that will change the political thinking in Nyanza.

“We are going to redefine the political destiny of Nyanza because we have to change the manner and style of our politics…we have heard enough rhetoric, many leaders also support my move and this will be known with time,” he stated.

Otieno said he will continue to speak for the silent majority no matter the circumstances, ahead of the next polls in 2017.

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