Video:Kenyan to be buried in France over lack funds to bring her body home

Kenyan body

A family in Mombasa has decided to let their relative be buried in France after failing to raise the money to bring her body home. The 42 year old Kenyan woman died in a French hospital after being in coma for five years.


Message from Stephen Kinuthia,Chairman of  Kenya Community in Diaspora

First of all I want send my deepest condolences and express my sympathy to the bereaved family. Let her soul Rest in Eternal Peace – Amen
It’s with a lot of disbelieve and disappointment I learn through Kenya media about the death of our fellow Kenyan who was in coma for the last 5 years…after falling from a building in Marseille – France.
Fellow Kenyans, We should stop asking what Kenya Embassy Paris is doing for us “Kenyans” but rather ask ourselves what we are doing for our fellow Kenyans in Diaspora…
Kenya Community in Diaspora had initiated several proposals to bring Kenyans in France together, we had met severally at McDolnads to raise funds whenever one of us have a problem or lost loved one back home, and as the chairman, I had called for several meetings at the embassy chaired by HE the Ambassador Salma Ahmed but unfortunately none of the proposal or project had materialized / realized. The Kenya Embassy has contacts of the majority Kenyans and also disposes other means (social media or internet) to contact us but could only do so if requested or asked by the bereaved family. Kindly let’s stop the blame game and make good use of the newly Kenya Foreign and Diaspora Policy launched by HE the President Uhuru Kenyatta, and constructively seek for more representation as Diaspora affairs.
For those who may wish to send their grievances, in hardship or seeking help from the embassy but unable to reach them, kindly feel free to contact me:
Patriot Stephen Kinuthia
Chair. Kenya Community in Diaspora
Tel: +33 (0) 6 89097301
Email: [email protected]
Or send message on my Facebook timeline :

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