Video:President Uhuru Launches Condoms For Kids Campaign???


Condoms and kids. These are two words that should not go together.

But when you hear of scary statistics such as 1 adolescent gets infected with HIV/AIDS every 2 minutes and HIV/AIDS  is the highest cause of adolescent death in Africa and the 2nd highest cause of death in the world, we can no longer bury our heads in the sand and pretend that children do not have sex.

As gross and disturbing as it sounds, children are having sex, unprotected sex, at an alarming rate. And that is why the laptops were replaced with latex and the initiative was started to ensure that children have condoms at their disposal.
But in the same breath I think children should also be educated on the consequences of underage sex. We should not just dish out condoms and forget to educate them on the health and psychological aspects of sex because even though HIV/AIDS Is a serious pandemic it’s not the only consequence or STI threatening their health and well being.

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