Video: Daniel Churchill Ndambuki asked to Step Aside too


Video: Daniel Churchill Ndambuki asked to Step Aside too

Churchill is considered hilarious even when he is actively participating in the fast erosion of Kenya’s moral fabric. His utterances of late have been reeking of insensitivity and outright malice.

He was an active member of KAG Buru Buru and his nickname was Zidane because of his prowess in football. Then, he looked like a man who had been run down by the storms of life but still, he was very funny. Every word he spoke was followed by an outbreak of laughter.


What pains my poor heart is how fast you have forgotten the gutter from where God pulled you. But now that you are blessed, you have decided to not only mock Him but you have also invited seasoned thieves to help you do the same.

Your loose tongue recently got you in trouble mostly with KOT after a spate of insensitive remarks about a lady who was allegedly raped. I will not repeat here the insensitive words that you spewed because they are in the public domain. I truly see no need to grant them any further exposure through this article!!

I have tried long enough to restrain myself from addressing the insensitivity and cluelessness that saturate the words you speak on your popular shows. My fear was that trying to engage you in any form of discourse that is premised on reason would have the effect of legitimizing the deficiencies of self-control that you so frequently display. I didn’t want my reasoned criticism to legitimize your irresponsible utterances and social media updates. Worse still, responding to reckless comedians may have the effect of dragging one into the cesspool of madness that the likes of Churchill have recently begun calling home.

I was happy to fold my arms and continue trying my best to achieve the not so easy task of sweeping your irresponsible utterances under the rug of indifference. In all honesty, although turning a blind eye at first seemed to be an impossible task for me, I actually found a way to do it and was successfully ignoring you until you invited Kanyari to your show on 29th March 2015. That, ladies and gentlemen, was the final straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. I have tried to hold my peace, but it is now clear to me that I can no longer do it and still maintain a clear conscience.

I’m extremely disturbed by your latest vacuous actions. You don’t pause to think of the emotional pain that your words could cause those who you address e.g. the victim of the rape that allegedly occurred recently in an MP’s office. Your words do not match the platform that you have.

Yours seems to be a case of putting management and care of human beings in the hands of a hog. Though voted as one of the most influential personalities in Kenya, you have forgotten that with a great platform comes great responsibility. You have in the past invited remarkable guests, no doubt about that. Sadly, you will always be judged by your last show. Why on earth did you invite a guest who contravenes the ideals and values of our constitution? Kanyari has been accused of defrauding the public by using the name of God in vain and taking advantage of their desperation to plunder them.

When he appeared on your show, the introduction you gave him was like that of a freedom fighter and a liberator of people in need of a savior. You painted him as a patriot and a hero who has been at the forefront of fighting social ills like corruption and negative ethnicity in our society. On the contrary, this man has the dubious distinction of defrauding the weak, the ignorant, the sick and the poor. Through the expose done by Mohammed Ali, his unorthodox thieving ways were laid bare for any reasonable man to see.

What you did was to sanitize the man’s foul reputation through your platform. How do you go home and sleep in peace knowing all too well that you have unleashed a hungry ignorant con on desperate Kenyans one more time? How could you turn the humiliation dished out to a breast cancer patient into a source of humour? Are you really that cold Churchill?

While I know that your priority is to gain popularity and money, the same must be done within the confines of responsibility. You seem not to be content with eroding family values through your popular show on radio. You have now decided to include the weak, the poor, the ignorant in your net of recklessness through TV.

You have done a great disservice to this nation of late and I shudder to think of the effect that your shows will continue to have on our nation should you persist on this current destructive path. I appeal to you by the mercies of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, step aside from the stage if you can’t embrace responsible comedy.

And shame on the Kenyans who cheered a lunatic. You seemed to be under the influence of ecstasy. Instead of walking out on that man, you all hailed him as a hero and made a mockery of every single tear families have shed for being defrauded by him. Shame on you for laughing at his lame justifications. Shame on you for lifting up your wallets and saying amen to a scandalous prayer made by an outrageously blasphemous man.

I rest my case with the words of Karolle Kithama, “Kenyans suffer from the STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. We have this psychological disorder of loving our abusers, murderers, rapists, terrorists, fraudsters, among others. We are hostages who express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings towards our captors, to the point of defending and identifying with them.”

Video: Daniel Churchill Ndambuki asked to Step Aside too

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