Gitae-20150418_204257Ambassador Githae Reception in Silver Spring MD:“Join a group or an Organization. If not join  a Church, even if it is that one with only  two members, a wife and a husband”,  Ambassador Robinson Githae pleaded with Kenyans in the Diaspora at the reception held in his Honor, at Silver Springs MD, USA on April 18, 2015.  Everyone burst into laughter, before the Ambassador elaborated it saying that, most  Churches are commonly started by two or three people, and thereafter they flourish to become big congregations. The advice from the Ambassador came in the wake of the body of a dead Kenyan,  which laid unnoticed for one month in his house.  The dead man  did not have friends and he did not belong to any group of Kenyans, and therefore  no one missed him for all that period he laid dead in his house,  in order to raise an alarm.
The Ambassador who was invited to address Kenyans after Ms Mkawasi, a well known Kenyan community leader,  gave a very passionate speech to Kenyans in attendance, said in the amusement of the crowd, ” Kenyans do not need an appointment to come to see me in my office”.  And when it came to question and answer time, the Ambassador said, “I am addressing you without reading a paper because I want to tell you what is coming directly from my mind. Likewise, I want to hear questions directly from those Kenyans who have questions, instead of writing their questions on papers and then they are read to me by a third party. They should  stand up and ask their questions directly to me. In this way they will speak their minds as they ask their questions”.
Unlike most Civil servants at his level who dwell only on political issues whenever they address Kenyans, Ambassador Githae treated Kenyans in attendance with advises and with information of structures already established in his office to help Kenyans in USA.  The Ambassador informed the gathering that his Office has established a Diaspora Desk  which will attend to the problems affecting Kenyans in USA.
But most interesting and most encouraging of the Ambassador’s  address, was the new approach his office has adopted, into providing  assistance to  Kenyans in the Diaspora, especially those in USA, in terms of job opportunities. His Excellency Ambassador Githae told the gathering that his office is now involved in an exercise of lobbying for jobs for Kenyans in the Diaspora. No doubt this new developments about the establishment of the  Diaspora Desk at the Kenyan Embassy, and the lobbying for jobs for Kenyans in the Diaspora, especially in the large organizations like the World Bank, the IMF, the UNO and others,  are good news for Kenyans in USA.   Kenyans living in USA should make  use  of  those two new establishments to their advantage.
Isaac Newton Kinity-Diaspora Messenger contributor
Photos by Diaspora Messenger

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