Slain terrorist Abdirahim Mohamed’s troubled tweets


Slain terrorist Abdirahim Mohamed Abdullahi (pictured) may have contemplated dropping his law studies in late 2009, according to a posting he made on his Twitter account.

The Nairobian has established that Abdirahim, an old boy of Wamy High School in Nairobi, operated a Twitter account with the handle @Ababmo, which was also his nickname at university.

On November 9, 2009 Abdirahim tweeted: “Sme lectures are natural bores. Lookin 4 an escape route… This boredom’s drillin into my bones *sigh*

Relatives familiar with the slain terrorist claim he was troubled and could not concentrate on his studies. Some claim that Abdirahim, who had 21 followers on Twitter, and followed just 13, kept his deepest thoughts to himself.

A former colleague of his at the university, and who asked not to be named, told The Nairobian that Abdirahim left the hostels at the University of Nairobi late 2013 claiming he was after a  terrorist who had attacked the Westgate mall on September 21 that year.

Thereafter, he was suddenly running a booming business dealing in gas cylinders.

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