Nairobi Police Officers kill MPs Bodyguard And His Cousins


Two police officers in Nairobi are wanted for the murder of three people including the bodyguard to Joel Onyancha, Bomachoge Borabu MP. 

The independent police oversight authority (Ipoa)  has now been forced to obtain a warrant of arrest for the two after the police force failed to produce the murder suspects in what appears to be a disregard for the authority.

Constables Kahindi Changawa and Stanley Okoti based at Dagoretti shot corporal Joseph Obong’o Makori in the head and his two cousins outside the M-Club and Bar in Nairobi’s Dagoretti, where they were buying airtime for their mobile phones.

Makori was killed after a barmaid alerted the two that they had spotted him with a pistol.

This was October 2014 and the two have never been brought to account.

Gladys Some Mwangi of Ipoa now says they have obtained a warrant of arrest for the two to answer to charges of murder.

“The court has now warranted that the DCIO Dagoretti presents the officers to be charged for murder,” Gladys said, adding that they have pinned the warrants on the doors of Dagoretti police station.

She added that when they went to pin the arrest warrant at Dagoretti on Friday June 19, DCIO Ondoro of the station “bolted from the office after learning that Ipoa officers were looking for him.”


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