Kenyan doctor recommends corrective treatment for gays


Dr.Njagi KumanthaKenyan doctor recommends corrective treatment for gays: NAIROBI: A psychiatrist has condemned gay practices as unnatural and un-African and instead called for corrective treatment for people with homosexual tendencies.

Njagi Kumantha said majority of gay people are afflicted by other biological and psychological problems such as testosterone deficiency or problematic childhood; which predisposes them to sexual deviations.

Dr Kumantha said in his work of treating addictions and correcting maladaptive behaviour, he has assisted people who identified themselves as gays and lesbians to overcome their underlying problems and they were unable to change to heterosexual orientation.

“Due to deficiency of testosterone, some men feel like they are women but that is a situation that can be addressed. Psychiatrists are able to assess the underlying problems and counsel the homosexuals to change their attitudes and lifestyles and eventually adopt heterosexual orientation. Their case is not that biological but rather mental inclination,” he said.

At a time when Kenyans are skeptical that US President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya may include the gay agenda, the doctor argues gays and lesbians seem to lack a purpose in life and some just lead life for the sake of it, seeking to satisfy their sexual urges.

“On the contrary, heterosexuals grow up, marry and get children and so their efforts are geared towards bringing up the family. Most gay relationships are meant for carnal pleasures. Most gays also engage in drugs and alcohol,” he points out.

The psychiatrist also criticised the move by gays, especially in Western world to adopt children, saying children brought up in such environments lack the right parenting, hence get a distorted sexuality.

He further warned of the high risks for sexually transmitted diseases involved in same-sex partners especially men since the genitalia used are not suited for sexual intercourse.

The medic also condemned cases of men sodomising children, saying culprits should be punished as per the law. He said when Obama visits the country, he should not tell Kenyans what the Americans want but dwell on common issues such as counter-terrorism and bilateral trade agreements.

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