Obama-demonRight-wing conspiracy website World Net Daily has touched off a fever of speculation among its readers over a supposed “demon” captured on video during President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya in late July.

Right Wing Watch WND’s news editor John Kovacs posed on Tuesday whether a gray blur that flashes across the screen from left to right might be an “otherworldly being.”

The US president has had flies land on his face numerous times, prompting some to call him “Lord of the flies.” And he has been buzzed by bees.

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His face has even been compared to the character of Satan t



he devil in “The Bible” TV miniseries.


And now, a mysterious flash during Obama’s visit to Kenya last month has some people wondering once again about the president’s ties to strange phenomena.

The latest case involves a video of Obama’s arrival July 24 in Nairobi, posted by Citizen TV.


As the president smiles and shakes hands with those greeting him at the airport after he descends from Air Force One, a strange image races across the screen from right to left, seemingly directly in front of Obama.

The translucent, gray figure rushes by in the blink of an eye, and is difficult to discern at regular speed. A freeze-frame analysis indicates the flash may appear to have a head and shoulders as it scurries along.

Of course, there’s a variety of possible explanations for the mystery, including a camera flash, a reflection, an out-of-focus person, a boom microphone, a bird, an insect, a glitch in the video or the always popular optical illusion.

A video editor who examined the footage told WND: “From a video editor’s standpoint, it could just be some sort of glitch. However, there doesn’t seem to be any logical reason as to why this glitch would appear as the rest of the video seems to be functioning fine.”

“The image does look like some type of other-worldly being, but everyone’s own imagination will conjure up what they would like it to be.”

And then there are the more outlandish theories, including an angel, demon, extra-terrestrial, or, for those who may doubt the president’s actual birthplace, it could be someone who just obtained Obama’s original birth certificate in Kenya.

View the video here.

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