Singer Sara Nanaa Speaks Out on Painful Break Up with Cheating Fiance


Singer Sara Nanaa has finally opened up on the ugly break up with her ex-fiance on their wedding day.

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Last week, the singer who doubles up as an events manager made headlines after she called off her wedding after coming across a video of her then to be husband, cheating on her with one of her friends.

The singer who is still dealing with the heartbreak has dismissed her “ex-boyfriend’s” apologies and pleads to have him back.

“It’s over between us. I am not marrying him!” she told Word Is.

She added that despite her parents efforts to intervene, she has decided to keep it to herself until when the time is right to open up to them.

“Even my grandmother knows something happened but I am not yet ready to talk about it with them. I asked them to give me some time out.” She said.

Asked whether she plans to forgive her friend and her ex, Nanaa said, “I can, and I will forgive them, but they can rest assured that it will never be the same again between us.”


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