No ID, No Sale! of alcohol’ campaign in Kenya


Owner of Ozone LoungeWith the festive season here with us, the Responsible Alcohol Drinks Companies Association (RADCA) has accomplished a great milestone of rolling out the campaign of ‘No ID, No Sale! of alcohol to persons under 18 years in Kenya in 1, 000 outlets across the country.

The 1000th outlet was Ozone Lounge, owned by Maggie Macniven, in Lavington Nairobi where the ceremony to mark the closure of that campaign in this year was held, in a function attended by representatives of bar owners, alcohol sellers and NACADA Chairman John Mututho.
In the colourful event, the RADCA Management Trustee Ken Kariuki spoke on the milestones the association has accomplished while traversing the country and informing the public and members of the alcohol industry the dangers of selling alcohol to minors.
“Ozone Lounge is the 1000th premises where we have brought this campaign to advocate among the members of the alcohol industry to conduct their business in a responsible way,” said Kariuki.
In his speech, Mututho spoke of raising the age limit of whom alcohol is sold to from 18 years to 21 years from next year, giving an example of the USA where the age limit is three years ahead of Kenya.
“Adults of 21 years and above are at a working age and more responsible, unlike 18 year olds who still need to be controlled and managed,” said Mututho.
The event was also graced by Carlsberg General Manager Nick Macharia who said he supported all efforts to encourage responsible drinking, and protect children from alcohol before they are of age.
“It is good for all alcohol outlets to be compliant to the 18 years age limit, and protect children from drinking alcohol irresponsibly,” said Macharia.
Macharia added that raising the age limit to 21 years was also a welcome move as long as stakeholders met and agreed on it.
Also present was National Chairman Pubs, Entertainment and Restaurant Association of Kenya (PERAK) Patrick Muya who called on all people in the society to watch against minors taking alcohol.
“A PERAK establishment will not sell alcohol to children as their prices are high and children cannot afford, and the isolated cases you hear of are at unlicensed and illegal premises,” said Muya.
Kenyans were urged to have a merry festive season, and practice responsible drinking of alcohol including getting a taxi instead of drunk driving.

By Anne Kanina

Chairman of NACADA John Mututho

Chairman of NACADA John Mututho and Responsible Alcohol Drinks Companies Assoication (RADCA) Management Trustee Ken Kariuki during a press conference on the ‘No ID, NO Sale of Alcohol’ Campaign at the Ozone Lounge.

Carlsberg General Manager Nick Macharia

Carlsberg General Manager Nick Macharia hands a flier for the ‘No ID, NO Sale of Alcohol’ Campaign to Chairman of NACADA John Mututho at the Ozone Lounge in Lavington, Nairobi.

Owner of Ozone Lounge

The Owner of Ozone Lounge in Lavington, Nairobi Maggie Macniven.

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