Surprisingly there are 10 important reasons why you should learn Swahili check them out here… Am an online (Skype) community Swahili teacher currently teaching children and Adults that have never spoken the language or have lost the spoken word. I incorporate short comedy, movies, animation, games, show and tell exercises, theatrics, the spoken word and much more creativity!  For children learners I like to keep parents in the loop therefore involving the home space and not just making their language exposure stop at the computer screen. Come with me on a life changing SAFARI experience, because that is what learning a new language should be! Bet you didn’t know these fun facts about the Swahili Language.

  1. Since Lion King films’ musical conception, the Swahili phrase “Hakuna Matata” translate “No Worries” became the most uttered in households after hello, hi and bye!

  2. Swahili is the most spoken African language; spoken by 150 million people. Tanzania 99%, Kenya 87%, Uganda 75%, Burundi 55%, Democratic Republic of the Congo 48%, Rwanda 28%. It’s use spreads as far out as southern Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan and northern Mozambique and the Comoros Islands

  3. 90% of East African children born outside of the region cannot speak, nor do they understand a word of Swahili.

  4. The Chinese are the largest growing number of foreigners learning Swahili, making it their sole purpose to learn the trade language as they invade the East African region for economic reasons in that part of the continent and beyond.

  5. Swahili is the first native African language to be supported by Microsoft’s automatic translation service served on different online platforms including the web, mobile and Skype.

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