Video:Drama as Sonko meets with City askari murder suspects


Following the arraignment in court of the three Nairobi City County askaris murder suspects yesterday by detectives, we are now pushing the war to a higher level.

It is sad to note that these particular suspects were responsible for the death of a number of innocent hawkers with the latest being Haroun Njoroge. After arresting Njoroge, they inserted a broken bottle into his private part before beating him senselessly.

He was rushed to Guru Nanak Hospital but they were unable to handle his condition and recommended a transfer to Know, unfortunately he succumbed while on the way. Today, I undertake to move a notch higher and target the Nairobi City County executive and the City Inspectorate Department to take full responsibility of the brutal murder of innocent hawkers.

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It is sad to note that the rogue Askari’s claim that they carry out such beastly acts on orders from their bosses and that their promotions are based on the number of hawkers one city county askari has killed, the more hawkers you kill the better your chances become of getting a promotion eg. Inspector AKASI AMBANI alias WASI WASI who is still at large is the commander in charge of this killer squad because it is alleged that he has so far killed over 9 hawkers.

It is time the so-called big fish at City Hall who issue murder orders to face the law. The Askaris are said to wield too much powers to the extent that whenever they arrest hawkers, they personally book them at the Central and Kamkunji Police stations. Since when did civilians handle booking of suspects in the OB???. Where did they get powers to write in the OB? It is time the cartel be held responsible for the many deaths of innocent hawkers.

-Senator Mike Sonko

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