VIDEO: Pastor Kanyari ‘casts Demons’ from actor Omosh

VIDEO: Pastor Kanyari ‘casts Demons’ from actor Omosh
VIDEO: Pastor Kanyari ‘casts Demons’ from actor Omosh

Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia, popularly known as Omosh, is yet again in the limelight after a video of him being prayed for by Pastor Kanyari went viral on social media.

The virality of the video was exacerbated by the fact that controversial Pastor Kanyari was the one conducting the prayers.

In a video shared by YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Omosho was captured walking to the pulpit at Pastor Kanyari’s Salvation Healing Ministries church.

He was given a chance to address during which he admitted to being a sinner and asked for God’s help.

“Nimesoma kuhusu mathabao. Nikaona maybe mambo yangu inaenda mrama kwa sababau sijatengeneza mathabao yangu vizuri. Nikitoka hapa naenda kuomba sana,” he told the church.

Pastor Kanyari prayed for him and even offered him shopping and Sh7,000.

“I wasnt to pray for you.Nikuombee nyota yako irejee. Mimi napandiwanga mbegu lakininaskia mungu akinianmbia nikupandie mbegu. I will bless you with some money,” Pastor Kanyari said.

“Nakupea na chakula na nikubariki na elfu saba (I’m giving you food then bless you with KSh 7,000.”

It is during the prayers that Omosh fell down after presumably being possessed by the Holy Spirit.

“I bless Joseph Kamau star yake ikaweze kurejea. In the name of Jesus, out! Fungulia kipawa yake. Nguvu za giza out. I set this man free,” Kanyari proclaimed after Omosh fell down.

He was handed the shopping after the prayers by the usher even as Pastor Kanyari told him that he will the one to give next time he visits the church.



VIDEO: Pastor Kanyari ‘casts Demons’ from actor Omosh

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