Raw Video:Teachers ruthlessly caning pupils in Western Kenya


NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 23 – A teacher at a high school in Vihiga County in Western Kenya has circulated a disturbing video in which four teachers are seen brutally caning school girls.

Each of the teachers at Kaveye Girls’ High School is seen caning the girls one after the other.

Three of the teachers are male.

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The video shows the male teachers standing in a line each beating the girls and passing them over to the next teacher.

A fifth female teacher said to be senior at the school is seen sitting at a desk watching as if in admiration of the energy the teachers are using while caning the girls.

In the video, another female teacher is captured at the door of the classroom receiving the caned girls and sending them out with more beatings.

Some of the girls are seen writhing in pain and despite falling on the floor and crying, none of the teachers seems to care.

One of the girls is seen falling on her knees along the corridor before hitting her head on the floor.


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