RAW VIDEO: Drama as Women Attack ‘Makanga’ Over Fare


RAW VIDEO: Drama as Women Attack ‘Makanga’ Over Fare
RAW VIDEO: Drama as Women Attack 'Makanga' Over FareA matatu conductor reportedly operating in one of the Eastlands routes in Nairobi, found himself between a rock and a hard place when he allegedly tried to get away with a Sh20 balance of two ladies.

The scene, which was captured on video, shows two angry ladies manhandling the tout inside a matatu demanding for their balance.

Leta mbao, aki ya mungu hautaenda na maziwa ya mtoto wangu, (Give me back my Sh 20, I swear you will not run away with money meant for my baby’s milk),” the woman vents.

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The conductor apparently raised the fare from Sh80 to Sh100 after passengers already boarded the Public Service Vehicle, a trick most touts use to exploit gullible customers.

The enraged women hurled threats on the makanga telling him that he was not aware of who he was messing with.

It also appeared that the conductor had not refunded the balance to most passengers, but only the two ladies were bold enough to descend on the tout.



RAW VIDEO: Drama as Women Attack ‘Makanga’ Over Fare

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