Kenyan Diaspora Professor Teddy Kamau Launches TV Station


Kenyan Diaspora Professor Teddy Kamau Launches TV Station
Kenyan Diaspora Professor Teddy Kamau Launches TV Station

Prof Teddy Kamau teaches at the Gospel Confirmation Centre in Machakos town where he launched a TV Station.

Kenyans will enjoy authentic Christian messages, songs, and sermons from a new TV station launched in the country by a Kenyan who lives in America.

Bibilia Broadcasting Network (BBN) was launched at the Gospel Confirmation Centre in Machakos town on Sunday.

BBN CEO and Founder Prof Teddy Njoroge Kamau chose to launch the TV station in the church because of richness in the Christian Service he experienced when he visited the church before.

“The choirs are amazing, singing Swahili songs and dancing to the glory of God. Everyone is part of the worship, be they young or old.”

“The Bishop is also a man given to prayer and has been in the ministry of the gospel for many years,” said Prof Kamau.

The launch was attended by Rev Christopher Mutai, Bishop Philip Karaya, Rev Lee and Sandy Weiss and hundreds of locals who convened at the church. Prof Kamau shared from Romans 12 on giving your life as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to the Lord.

He used an engaging depiction of this scripture by mixing raw eggs, flour and water to be cooked to demonstrate how one gives their life as a sacrifice to the Lord.

He charged the congregation to surrender their lives to God, wholly.

The TV station will broadcast an assortment of programmes, all geared towards growing the body of Christ with Sunday morning broadcasting a live church service.

The station will feed the soul of believers through sermons from different servants of God, songs and other content under development.

It will also broadcast hourly news bulletins to inform the viewers on happenings across the world, giving special attention to church and religious news.

Ms Weiss said the TV station name was prophetic; Bibilia means the Bible in the Swahili language, Broadcasting means Spread and Network means Connection.

Prof Kamau, GCC-Machakos Bishop Charles Kababu and Rev Lee and Sandy Weiss.

Prof Kamau, GCC-Machakos Bishop Charles Kababu and Rev Lee and Sandy Weiss.

She challenged the station managers never to forget the power behind the station name.

Other messages shared during the launch included:

‘The church does not need politicians to come and give money, but for politicians to give their lives to Christ’.

‘The enemy enjoys when you do not understand the enemy; that he is a defeated enemy’.

‘Will Africa have theology 150 years from today? This question is answered clearly by what message is at the centre of our songs and sermons’.

‘The world thinks the church is just meeting on Sunday and giving an offering, no, it is about having a kingdom mentality’.

Anything that is not part of the great commission will kill the faith in you at a later date’.

By Anne Kanina

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The launch happens live on screen with Rev Christopher Mutai speaking.


Kenyan Diaspora Professor Teddy Kamau Launches TV Station 

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  1. Linda Waits-Kamau says

    It is always Good News to hear the Good News is going out and onward. Glad to hear the encouragement to surrender lives to Jesus and to His service. So, I hope this occurs for all involved and all who hear and not only hear but actually do as God’s Word says (Bibliahusema) and will be praying! Glad to see the Weiss family is involved since they are good friends of Teddy and thereby of me by extension and love of our Lord Jesus and His people.

    Blessings on the opening of the new Christian station in Machakos! I will pray that all goes well and for the Gospel to not be hindered in any way of by anyone. Barakiwe sana sana sana to all!


    Linda W-K

  2. LWK says

    Anne or Professor,
    What is the blue and white tea cup (or bowl?) that Professor is holding in the photos all about? Was it a gift or was it an offering or perhaps used as an illustration? Just wondering.

  3. LWK says

    Oh got it…the blue and white ‘bowl’ perhaps was used in the illustration Professor made in the article of “mixing raw eggs, flour and water” that you mentioned in the article. Good job, you covered that perfectly and it is me, the wife in U.S. who was not present during the gala events who didn’t read carefully enough. But it was a good illustration, I guess, of mixing ingredients of our lives in service to the Lord? Not sure, but just trying to imagine the intended message from the mixing of baking ingredients in this context of surrendering our lives to the Lord. I guess we just have to be sure they are the right ingredients, of course! Nothing but the best for our Lord and Savior who gave His all for each of us!

    Blessings to Diaspora Messenger and your brave correspondents and columnists at large in Kenya!

    Linda Waits-Kamau

    1. marie says

      interesting example( of the mixing of raw eggs, flour etc). am not sure I get it clearly but whatever happens, let Jesus alone be exalted. My prayer is that this BBN becomes a station that has integrity in its operations so that Jesus is worshipped in Truth and in Spirit, not in an attitude of being double minded.
      In Kenya we have other wonderful Christian Broadcasting stations such as Family media( radio and TV) that has served us well and we continue to be grateful to god for genuine Christian media.

      1. LWK says

        Agreed, Marie. Let God alone get the glory! We just have to trust and obey and ask for the right ingredient (of His Spirit) to enable us to do well according to His will.

        Blessings to you and on Family TV, which is right down the street from where I am and I am happy they are here; although I don’t get to watch TV much, seeing as I don’t have one. But I am glad for those who do and who will be blessed! The message will never go out and come back void if it is done God’s way in the power of the Holy Spirit! I’m with you on that and am praying for bros and sisters in Christian media to keep God and our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ first in their hearts and minds. It is not what we do in our own strength. It is what God does through us and we desperately need Him and His Holy Spirit to accomplish His will in and through us.


        1. marie says


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