Corridors of power:Magufuli angered by claim of sponsoring CORD to depose Uhuru


MagufuliClaima that Tanzanian President John Magufuli is sponsoring Cord to help in deposing President Uhuru Kenyatta have angered the former and his men. We are told President Magufuli has spoken to his high commissioner in Kenya to understand why the claims are being made. It is understood that some people close to the Tanzanian leader have whispered to him the accusations are made because Tanzania has cost Kenya a pipeline from Uganda and a railway line from Kigali.

There was a scramble by some Cord supporters who wanted to be included in the team that will negotiate electoral reforms. Those interested, mainly lawyers and prospective candidates for various seats next year, were lobbying anyone close to the three Principals to get them on the list.

Several staff members who lost their jobs after Cord re-organised its secretariat are said to be on their way to the rival Jubilee coalition. We are told that some have been meeting controversial Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, who has promised to find them space in the Jubilee secretariat “since they know Cord like the back of their hands”. The former employees are willing to give out Cord’s deepest secrets if Jubilee offers them jobs and the wherewithal.

The wife of a senior official in one of the commissions is a woman in a panic after she got wind of an attempt by civil society activists to expose her corrupt dealings. Our mole has told Corridors the woman, who has had shady deals in several government institutions and won tenders in a number of counties, is worried because the revelation is likely to jeopardise the status quo. Corridors has also been told the woman is so scared because she traded with the fraudulent Sh791 million NYS businesses.

A local private university has been struggling financially for some time now. We are told the institution is run so badly that it has been making loses of as much as Sh9 million a month. This poor management has affected staff morale because their salaries have been delayed almost every month. Questions are being asked about how some of the managers responsible for the sorry state of affairs have had their contracts extended.

Why has the probe into police brutality not taken off, weeks after the police authorities and Ipoa promised action? Are some investigators receiving threats from the authorities? Corridors has been told that is what is coming out from some of the officers tasked to probe the issue. They have gone slow after they met resistance from higher officers and threats from undisclosed people. Corridors, however, is waiting for an update from the IG, Ipoa and other independent institutions on the

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