Raila Reveals Why He Declined Uhuru’s Madaraka Invite


RailaCORD leader Raila Odinga has refuted claims that he snubbed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s invite to Afraha Stadium in Nakuru for the 53rd Madaraka Day celebrations.

The Opposition leader stated that the invitation came in “too late” as they had already planned to hold their rally atUhuru Park on Wednesday.

“We did not boycott the Madaraka day celebrations in Nakuru today, it’s just that the invite came in too late'” Raila Odinga affirmed.

While addressing his supporters at Uhuru Park, Odinga acknowledged that they had to wait until the Madaraka Day celebrations in Nakuru were over before he led his brigade to Uhuru Park as a sign of “respect”.

President Kenyatta had earlier hit out at the Opposition leaders for opting to hold parallel Madaraka celebrations stating: “Respect those in leadership, someday you might also be in leadership and you will want to be respected”.

The Head of State noted that he was not aware why the Opposition failed to honour his invite but noted that CORD leaders were at liberty to do as they wish.

Meanwhile, Mr Odinga went ahead to announce that they would continue pushing for the reconstitution of IEBC and would not be cowed by tear-gas.

On Tuesday, President Kenyatta and Mr Odinga reportedly agreed to form a 10-member team that would delve into how the electoral body would be reformed.


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