VIDEO: Moses Kuria Explains What He Meant By “Raila Can Eat Maize”


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“He should be very careful because he can eat ‘maize’. We will not be disturbed forever by one person. Yes he can eat maize, we bury him the next Monday, they throw stones for one week and things continue…” Moses Kuria told an animated crowd on Sunday at Kasarani stadium. He was speaking in Kikuyu.

The controversial Gatundu South MP now says he was misquoted. He claims what he meant was that Raila should follow the Inspector General’s directive of providing specific demo routes, because a lone gunman can penetrate the demos and shoot the former Prime Minister.

Mimi nikaenda pale Kasarani…nikasema Raila afuate ile Boinnet amesema kusitokee mtu ako na bunduki ampige risasi..mimi ata najali maisha yake…na nikasema akuje aseme mahali anataka kupitia tumpatie usalama asije akanilaumu…sasa wanasema mimi nilisema apigwe risasi,”Mr. Kuria defended himself.


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